Photo Restoration and Repair Services

Out of the Square in Hervey Bay provide photo restoration and repair services in addition to our picture framing service.  Our photo restoration service involves reproducing the original photograph so that you have a new undamaged version in addition to the original. We can reproduce photos that have tears, water damage, fading, creases and other damage.

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Photo Restorations:

Often, damaged photos are in such a state that regular photocopying or scanning won’t do, and for this reason, we outsource to a photo restoration technician who digitally alters and restores your photo. This allows you to keep the original, but also have a less-delicate high-detail copy that you can frame. We’ll also provide you with a digital copy so you can have the reproduced photo printed out again in the future.

Faded and physically damaged photos can usually have most of their flaws taken care of in the restored and updated version. Additional photoshopping can be done on request, allowing us to alter and remove details from photos so you’ve got a perfect version of your special moments.


Photo enlargements can be conducted in-house. Image enlargements typically reduce the detail of an image, but we use specialised equipment to keep this as minimal as possible. With this in mind, we can show you previews of what your photo will look like when enlarged and advise you on an appropriate size that still preserves most of the detail of the original.

Bespoke Picture Framing:

Once we’ve made a restored your photo, why not preserve it in one of our beautiful picture frames? We use high quality materials and construction methods that ensure your photos are properly preserved and presented. Learn more about our photography framing options.

Hervey Bay Photo Restoration

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