About Out of the Square

Out of the Square are Hervey Bay picture framing professionals with over 30 years of industry experience. Our current owner has been working as a professional picture framer since 1989 and has owned the business for 15 years. While he has worked in a variety of locations including the Sunshine Coast and New Zealand, he returned to Hervey Bay and Out of the Square (where he started his picture framing career 30 years ago), and in 2005 he decided to purchase the business from the original owner.

Our Values:

We value high-quality craftsmanship paired with individualised customer service. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that each customer receives a product that suits their needs perfectly and we custom design and hand-craft each frame ourselves to make that happen.

A frame has more than one purpose – it needs to frame the item inside, complimenting it while not removing the focus from the item itself. But it also needs to preserve the item – it needs to ensure that it is displayed in a manner that causes no damage to the item so that it can be safely removed and re-framed in the future if required.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that the frames we design will compliment both the photos, artwork or memorabilia while also working well with the style and décor of their home. We provide custom solutions to mount or suspend the items so that they aren’t damaged in the process – whether it is adding in a little door at the back of the frame so that war medals can be taken out or hanging an original print instead of gluing it so that it is preserved for longer – we have never come across an item that we couldn’t frame.

Visit our Showroom:

We encourage all of our customers to visit the Out of the Square showroom so that we can show you all of the different colour, texture and design options that are available. Our showroom acts as a gallery of sorts with many photos, prints and memorabilia on display so you can find inspiration and ideas for your own frames.

Bring your photos, artwork, memorabilia or prints with you when you visit and we will be able to provide you with a custom quote.

Hervey Bay Picture Framing

Get in touch with Out of the Square to discuss our full range of picture framing services in Hervey Bay and Maryborough. Call (07) 4128 2911